Cream Chargers

Can whipped cream is different from the whipped cream made by professionals at different bars and restaurants. Hand made whipped cream will take time and such one is the manual procedure, not a machine made. So, that’s why you need to invest in a whipped cream charger that you can simply insert into the whipped cream dispenser and enjoy the whipped cream. 

At baking bad infusions, we deal in the quality level cream chargers with the addition of nitrous oxide. If you want a quality level cream charger for whipping the cream then baking bad infusions comes with different variety ranges. From us, you can get the flavoured cream chargers, nitrous oxide tanks and 8g cream chargers at the wholesale rate. 

We Provide our Customers a Quality Cream Chargers 

Our cream chargers will not disappoint you in terms of quality, taste and some other following factors: 

Easy to Recycle:

You will find each cream charger at our store that is made from the recyclable material so there’s no guilt to waste off the chargers. But before disposing off, check for the local authorities guidelines earlier as some authorities consider it as a waste and somers consider it as recycling approach. 

Better Durability: 

Cream chargers at baking bad infusions tend to be durable & you can use it even for a longer time. Zinc coating and recyclable steel makes our cream chargers free from rusting issues. You can also retain the cream charger unused without worrying about the leakage and damage issues as these cream chargers will not create the leakage issues. 

Industrial Quality: 

When you shop from us then there’s no need to worry about the industrial quality issues. Also, you will not expect industrial aftertaste issues without any duds and lingering. Our quality assurance team strictly follows the quality measures before finalizing any cream charger and other products finishing. 

Quality Consistency: 

Each time you taste and check the whipped cream charger quality, you will experience the same consistency in the quality. Baking bad infusions designs the same quality experience for each customer. 

Maintains Better Client Retention: 

If you own a restaurant or bar and want whipped cream chargers to create the desserts, mousses and cocktails, then enhance your customer experience by using our quality-level cream chargers

What to Choose Between Cream Charger & Nitrous Oxide Tank? 

Before deciding between a cream charger and N2O tank, you have to consider some things earlier. Cream charger is the cost-effective option as compared to the N2O tank and also easy to store. 

One main drawback of deciding between these two is that it’s not easy to replace and dispose of frequently, especially when you want to use it professionally. Nitrous oxide tanks require more and consume more times as compared to the normal charger. Also, there’s no need to worry about the wastage as you have to simply use the pressure regulator to get the idea of how much N2O you want in the dispenser.

So, in the end both the cream charger and the N2O tanks require the nitrous oxide gas and you will get the fresh cream you want to taste off. 

Why Choose Us? 

When you want to go for a quality cream charger then look no further than the bakingbad infusions. We maintain the quality standards by providing the quality cream chargers. We satisfied a lot of our customers by providing the chargers, N2O tanks and dispenser. So, place your order without worrying about the quality. 


How to buy cream chargers in bulk? 

We deal in a variety of cream chargers and N02 tanks so you can easily get the cream charger you want. When you want to buy cream chargers in bulk from us, then you have to contact us earlier so that we make your demand fulfill at the right time. 

Who Can Use the Cream Charger? 

Usually, cream chargers fall under the low volume use product. You can use these chargers in household kitchens, restaurants, and catering events. If you want to use a cream charger in more volumes, then you need to invest in the industrial type dispenser.

What is the serving capacity of a N2O tank? 

The average serving capacity of a nitrous oxide tank is around 80-100 times that of a normal N20 cream charger.