1 x Baking Bad 2kg/3.3L Cream Charger

New for 2023: Baking Bad – Revolutionizing Your Culinary Creations with Innovative Cylinders

Introducing Baking Bad, our latest brand that offers industry-leading quality in cylinders. These cylinders are used to prepare a wide array of drinks, cocktails, and dishes, ranging from the classic whipped cream to rapid flavor-infused cocktails. If you’re looking to take your culinary game to the next level, Baking Bad is your ultimate companion.

Innovation at Its Best
Baking Bad Canisters are crafted in a state-of-the-art factory, utilizing cutting-edge technology and design. These innovative products are engineered to maximize efficiency and productivity in your kitchen or bar. Their larger size and time-saving refill process are game-changers, significantly reducing wastage. (Please note that a regulator kit and adapter hose are required for use and are sold separately.)

Superior Performance
When it comes to performance, Baking Bad Canisters outshine both traditional methods like hand whipping and more modern cream chargers. Thanks to its larger size, and time-saving refill process, wastage is dramatically reduced (requires regulator kit and adapter hose, sold separately) Outperforms traditional methods such as hand whipping and more modern cream-chargers, with roughly 260 standard chargers per 1 cylinder.

Cylinder Capacity
The Baking Bad Canisters come in a generous 3.3-liter size, providing ample capacity for your culinary needs. Say goodbye to frequent refills, as these cylinders are built to last.

Regulator Set (Sold Separately)
Please note that the listing includes the canister only. The regulator set required for operation is sold separately. Be sure to acquire the necessary equipment to make the most of your Baking Bad cylinders.

Safety First
We prioritize safety above all else. Each Baking Bad Canister comes with one plastic release valve per unit. This safety feature ensures that you can dispose of empty cylinders with peace of mind, knowing that you are handling them responsibly.

Baking Bad is set to redefine your culinary experience in 2023. These innovative cylinders are designed to streamline your cooking and bartending processes, saving you time and reducing waste. With the power to outperform traditional methods and modern chargers, Baking Bad Canisters are a must-have for every culinary enthusiast and professional